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Killingsworth Update 12/29/99

Dear friends and loved ones,

Sunday, 12/26/99.
David Killingsworth was in a severe motorcycle accident.
He was thought dead on the scene,
until a doctor on his way home to Dallas,
stopped and rendered MUCH needed help.
Life Flight transported him to Herman Hospital where he arrived
with multiple facial fractures, head contussion, a broken arm, fluid in the                              
abdomen, a bruised lung, and other problems. David was not recognizable
due to the swelling in is eyes and head. Prayers immediately went up for
our angel with broken wings.


On Monday,
David had surgery on his arm, everything went well with this. He
is conscious, able to move on command, and aware that we are in his
presence. The nurses are having such a time with this 6'3", 240lbs,
bullheaded man.

On Tuesday,

He was able to breathe on his own.

On, Wednesday, he was scheduled for a major surgery, which at the last

minute was rescheduled to Thursday. This surgery is going to entail
cutting from ear to ear over the forehead and pulling his face off to fix
the multitude of fractures in his lower facial area. He was put back on
assisted breathing due to the damage in his lungs.
Further surgeries are tenative, pending the outcome of facial swelling and
outcomes. The doctors are very positive, and expect a speedy recovery.

On Thursday, December 30, 1999
Surgery went well. There was no need to do the ear-to-ear cut,
Facial fractures were aligned through the mouth.

On Sunday, January 02, 2000

The operation on Thursday was only a preparation for the major
facial surgery described. This will take place sometime this week.
David has been placed back on a breathing machine in order to help him
rest more confortably.

On Thursday, January 06, 2000

David had his tracheostomy (Don't quote me on spelling) on Wednesday.
He returned from surgery very groggy, but visably better.
Today, he seemed in good spirits. They had him up sitting in a
chair. (WAY TO GO DAD!!!) He is trying to talk. But, we are mostly
just asking him yes and no questions.

On Monday, January 10, 2000

Almost all facial swelling is gone. David is still on oxygen,
but he is breating on his own an no longer on the respirator! GO DAD!:)

On Saturday, February 12, 2000

Because David had a head injury he is still having trouble remembering
and functioning. David may be several months on the road of
rehabilitation to a full recovery. He still cannot see out of his
Right eye, but has another doctors visit still to come.

David is home on a weekend pass from medical rehabilitation and feeling much better Thanks to all your prayers.

If this weekend goes well, David will be released to home on Monday, February 21, 2000.

March 4, 2000

David is doing very well. He is home, and is currently getting better
with each passing day. He is blind in his right eye, he also has limited
movement in that eye as well. Because he had a brain injury to the
frontal portion of his head, he has problems with cognative processes.
Meaning that he has a time with following simple instructions, and making
sound decisions on his own. His right arm is healing well, and over all he
looks good. He is regaining the 25 lbs he lost, and is mostly in good
spirts. His total time in the hospital was 56 days, he was in a
rehabilitation hospital for some of that time too.
God continues to touch his life, and he is also counting his blessings and
thanking God each day!!

Please Continue to keep him in your prayers.

(whichever is easier for you to remember and pass on)

Please continue to keep David in your prayers and thoughts.

Thank you and God Bless!!
Christa (David's now Daughter-in-Law)

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Special thanks goes out to:

Guardian Angel -- A traveler to North Carolina who stopped knelt and prayed

until emergency services arrived, Suzanne Coleman
Bill Sossie -- Benifit coordination
Susan McCoy -- Printing and design
Wally Grimes -- Rainbow Image Services -- Web Page Design
Randy Madden -- MyWeb.Net -- Web Page Hosting
Tommy Allen -- Fund raising
Guitar Phil -- Donating their time and band for the benifit
Friends and Family -- Fund raising, prayers, and support.
Life Flight -- For just being there when people need you.
Hermann Hospital ICU Staff -- for Love and Support throughout.

and most of all, God, -- for all He has done, and continues to do!!


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Taken Thurday Dec 30,
after surgery
Donations were collected at places in Seabrook area and Channelview.
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